Ringless voicemail

Ringless voicemail is an advertising method when  pre-recorded audio message is placed in a voicemail inbox without the associated telephone ringing  first. This can be a simple and effective way to get noticed by new prospects, simplify the delivery of information to current leads or clients, or to reach existing contacts in a non-intrusive way. 

Advantages of Rignless Voicemail are:

  • High Open Rate.  Voicemails have a 92% open rate.
  • Affordable.  Ringless voicemail marketing is extremely affordable.
  • Undivided Attention.  The receiver is able to listen to the voicemail message on his or her own time. This means you’re not battling distractions or other advertisers for their undivided attention. 
  • Saves time and is simple to use.  Ringless voicemail allows you to deliver your message in a fraction of the time and without extensive labor.

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